How to Withdraw Funds from Binomo?

The Binomo platform is one of the up-and-coming platforms that users are starting to appreciate in the market. It has many great features experienced traders find interesting, making Binomo their number 1 choice of an online trading platform. When traders make profits, they are interested in knowing all the options available to them for withdrawing their funds. The following article will explain the methods available for the users to withdraw the required funds from their accounts. There are also certain limits that a user should be aware of. Users cannot draw more than $3000 in one day. Additionally, the amount of withdrawal also can not increase to $10000 in a week and $40000 in one month.

How can I transfer money to my bank card?

The cards issued in Kazakhstan or Ukraine are the only ones that may use bank card withdrawal. Steps for withdrawing money from a bank account start by clicking on the Binomo withdrawal option in the Cashier tab of the app.

On the browser, go to the “Cashier” option by clicking on your profile image in the upper right of the screen. Afterward, choose the “Withdraw money” option to withdraw the required funds.

In the smartphone app, click “Select “Balance” from the left-hand menu. The “Withdrawal” button may be accessed by clicking on it. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and choose “Maestro/Mastercard/VISA” as your withdrawal option. Complete the form by entering the necessary details. There is a restriction to this as you may only withdraw money to the bank cards you’ve previously used to make a deposit, which a user should be aware of.

Note. The time it takes for monies to be credited to your bank card from a payment provider might range from one to twelve hours. This time frame may be extended by up to seven working days in exceptional circumstances owing to factors such as national holidays, the policy of your bank, etc.

Balance withdrawal using a non-personalized bank card

You can make withdrawals using a non-personalized bank card. Simply enter the cardholder’s name and what it says on the card (e.g., Cardholder or Momentum R) in the bank agreement. Again, the cards issued in Kazakhstan or Ukraine may only use the bank card withdrawal option.

Follow the above procedures to make a cash withdrawal using a non-personalized bank card from your Binomo account.

It is very confident and inspiring that the platform allows the users to make withdrawals whenever they wish to make them. If you want to make quicker withdrawals, consider a switch to a gold or VIP account, which can process the payments much faster. The payments for a standard account may take at least 2 to 3 days to process, whereas the VIP and gold accounts can process them within 24 hours for your convenience. If you’re facing issues in the withdrawal process, you can contact the live chat or email at to inquire about delays or other problems.

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